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Green Olives Chalkidiki


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It is also called gaidouroelia or plum olive. A variety grown in the area of North Kynouria of Arkadia and in smaller quantities in Argolida. It is also known as Chalkidiki green olives, where is stated as a P.D.O. product. It is known as gaidouroelia because of the relatively large size of its fruit. This particular variety produces cylidrical bead shaped fruits with nipple. The average weight of the fruit varies between 4 and 14 gr. but more usually between 6 and 10 gr. An average of 121-140 fruit of this variety weigh one kilo, against the 181-200 fruits of the variety of the can olive. The color of the skin of the fruit changes in succession with the progress of ripening from green to green-yellow, faded yellow, roodium and ends in fades ked black, but it never ends in black. This is the disadvntage of the variety that excludes it from helping to produce black table olives.

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