the olive tree

Symbol of peace, wisdom and victory

History of the olive tree

The olive is a symbol of peace, wisdom and victory. The athletes and the Olympic winners were crowned with an olive branch in ancient times.

The history of the olive tree begins with this of the Mediterranean basin. Though nothing accurate is known, it is generally accepted that the Little Asia, such as Crete, the Cyclades and Sporades islands, are considered to be the home of olive. According to Homer, the cultivation of the olive tree dates back to the prehistoric times. What is known is that olive groves have been grown since 3000 B.C. From the Cycladic period until now, the fruit of the olive tree is a basic element of the social and economic history of our country.

The olive from its place of origin was transported to the rest of Greece, from there its cultivation expanded to the west and spread to all the coastal countries of the Mediterranean farming. It is now grown in America, Asia and Australia. Its cultivation starts from the beaches and extends up to 900 meters of altitude.

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