3 generations

Production, processing, standardization and marketing of edible olives

The Company

The company “Christos G. Kambouris” is a third – generation family business, which deals with the production, processing, standardization and marketing of edible olives. The quantities traded internally and externally by the company, come from our own olives groves as well as from other parts of the country, after a personal choice for all types of olives. Our yearly cooperation with producers from all over Greece gives us the possibility of a perfect quality selection of the product.

Our personal involvement in all stages guarantees the absolute and excellent quality. The quality selection is one of our advantage, respecting the tradition of our business.

The fifty – year course of the company is giving the ground to the newest family member, Christos Kambouris of Georgios, to continue the activity dynamically, in harmony with the new data and the modern perspectives, so that the company responds to the ever – increasing demands of the food sector. Our personal involvement gives us the opportunity to directly serve our clients and fully meet their needs. The prospects opened up in the food market at home and abroad, require us to create new products based on olive groves that meet the consuming preferences of our customers. We also have to emphasize that the fruit of the olive tree from the ancient years was blessed and it is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, vigor and beauty. From the above, we were inspired the new logo of our business ¨Ηδύκαρπος¨. Sweet fruit, for physical, mental and spiritual health.

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